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Before Camp

  • Camp will publish a COVID safety plan on the website for review by volunteers, families and GSWW.

  • Camp will establish hygiene procedures for restrooms, units, stations, snack distribution and cooking unit.

  • Camp will arrange for additional cleaning supplies and PPE.

  • The primary camp first aider will set up protocols for evaluating injuries and symptoms of illness and for physically spacing out visitors to the area.

  • Additional volunteers with first aid qualifications will be identified and serve as resources for planning and implementing camp.

  • Families of campers requiring medication at camp are urged to speak with the camp first aider in advance, preferably at the Sunday night camper check-in, which will allow a quick drop-off of campers and medications the first day of camp.

Practices during camp

  • Camper drop off and pick up will be drive through. Both will minimize in-person interaction. Depending on final camp attendance, families maybe assigned drop-off and pick-up times. Parents/guardians must show photo ID, and a volunteer will notate the name of the adult picking up.

  • Campers and volunteers have the option of wearing a mask, but it is not a requirement.

  • Any shared equipment will be sanitized between users and between sessions.

  • Each unit will have sanitation supplies, including hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, hand soap, and jugs of water. Campers will clean their hands before and after eating.

  • Afternoon snacks will be bagged and distributed by unit. Individually wrapped items will be handed out when possible.

  • The cooking unit will ensure that girls are only touching food that they are cooking and eating themselves and gloves will be used when volunteers are prepping for the units.

Illness and Injury

  • Anyone sufferings an injury or feeling unwell will check in with one of the two camp nurses.

  • Visitors to the first aid station will be well spaced, particularly for those feeling ill.

  • Campers with minor symptoms, typical of camp during hot weather, will be given liquids and a chance to rest away from others.

  • Campers with more serious symptoms, or who do not feel better after a short time will go home. A parent/guardian is expected to pick up the camper within 30 minutes of being called.

  • If a camper tests positive prior to camp, they must have a negative test or be 5 days out from the onset of symptoms.

Anyone unable or unwilling to comply with camp safety policies will be required to leave camp, and there will be no possibility of a refund of camp fees.

Girl Scout Ready

Girl Scout Ready assessment, administered 30 minutes prior to the start of all in-person program activities.

In the last 72 hours, have you/your Girl Scout experienced ANY of the following new symptoms that cannot be attributed to another health condition or specific activity such as physical exercise?

Fever? Yes/No

Cough? Yes/No

Shortness of breath? Yes/No

Fatigue? Yes/No

Muscle Aches? Yes/No

Any other flu-like symptoms, such as gastrointestinal upset or headaches? Yes/No

New loss of taste or smell? Yes/No

Temperature over 100*F? Yes/No

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